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Parent Participation

The Parent Participation Program at St. Catherine’s is an important and fundamental aspect of our school. Running the program assists in keeping operational and tuition costs down, and it enhances the educational objectives, achievements, and experiences for our students. The Parent Participation Program is task-based, giving parents the opportunity to choose a task group that best fits their skills, interests, talents and time.

Parent Participation is not optional, it is a commitment required of all registered families by completing work hours or by paying out the hours.

Please note that our Parent Participation Program is not the same as volunteering.  Volunteering is choosing to give of your time and talents without financial gain where as in our Parent Participation Program parents do work hours to reduce their personnel school fees.
There are always opportunities to volunteer in the school or parish with initiatives that fall outside of the Parent Participation Program, including helping with student led fundraising events or assisting with parish-based activities. These programs are worthy and important, however they do not directly impact the operation of the school thus parent participation hours cannot be claimed. Volunteerism is fundamental in our Catholic community and can provide a rewarding experience for those involved.

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