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Parent Fundraising Association

St. Catherine’s Parent Fundraising Association (PFA) is a sub-committee of the Parish Education Committee (PEC).   The PFA is a task group of seven to ten parents whose mandate is to raise funds for the school’s operating costs on an annual basis.  Fundraising goals are set each year, based on the needs of the school, targeted items, realistic expectations of the community and previous fundraising campaigns success.  Meetings are generally held once a month at the school during the day. Once our mandated funds have been raised, specific target projects are selected and fulfilled.

PFA 2023-2024 Members

Morgan May

Sarah Pistrin- Treasurer

Candice Bridge

Elaine Gleeson

Hana Hutchison

Helen Katona

Nat Kitos

Amanda Wynne

Thank You PFA for Organizing Our
Water Battle Day!

Walkathon 2023

We enjoyed a wonderful Walkathon day.  A big thank you to all our supporters!

Change Rooms

Change Rooms

2022-2023 Target Project

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