Parent Participation

The Parent Participation Program at St. Catherine’s is an important and fundamental aspect of our school. It assists in keeping operational and tuition costs down, and enhances the educational objectives, achievements, and experiences for our students. The Parent Participation Program is task-based, giving parents the opportunity to choose a task group that best fits their skills, interests, talents and time.

Parent participation is not optional, it is a commitment required of all registered families.

COVID Adjustments 2020-2021


Dear St. Catherine’s Families, 

I know you are all wondering what is going on with Parent Participation hours this year.  We recognize that all task groups cannot safely operate, however there are still some meaningful tasks to complete.   In an effort to distribute the tasks that are essential to our school operations, the PEC has decide to make the following amendments to the program for this fall (Oct 5, 2020 -Jan 15, 2021).  We have not yet determined what the new year will look like as we do not yet know if the needs of the school will change.

Parent Participation for Oct 5, 2020 – Jan 15, 2021

  • For the first half of the 2020/21 school year, we are requiring families to complete 4-6 parent participation hours by January 15th, 2021. This in a reduction from the 18 hours that are required normally.  Families who do not complete and log a minimum of 4 hours will have their first post-dated parent participation cheque ($400) cashed Jan 31, 2021.  (Please remember, logging hours is the responsibility of each family – you will not be notified prior to the cheques being cashed).
  • A sign-up sheet is included in this email offering tasks in a variety of areas: Parking Supervision, Lunchtime Playground Supervision, Cleaning Work Bees and Classroom Take-Home.
  • Tasks start as early as Monday Oct 5th.  Click here to sign up as soon as possible. 
  • Thank-you to the families who have already been working in their task groups – you will be contacted by your group coordinator with further instructions.  
  • Please do not sign up for additional work at this time. Please email the Parent Participation Administrator if you have any questions, difficulty using the signup sheet or challenges finding a task that works for your family.


For this year, we will not be hosting a Fall Fundraiser Dinner Dance.  Stay tuned for new fundraising opportunities to meet the needs of our school.

We thank you all for your continued support of Catholic education and are proud to be part of this wonderful community at St. Catherine’s!

St. Catherine’s Education Committee

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Parent Participation Program. 


Please note that many of the questions relate to our usual program and as such many answers/situations will not be in effect for this COVID 20-21 school year.


How many hours do I need to complete?
What if I cannot commit to all 36 hours?
Who can assist me in completing my hours?
What are the different task groups?
Where do I record my completed hours?
Can I claim extra hours from the fundraisers?
What hours can I claim on a field trip?
How many hours can I claim if I am requested to do a task from the school using my own materials?
What if I am not getting enough hours?
Can I complete hours if it is passed the deadline?
Can I collect hours for work that I do in the summer?
Can I carry my extra hours over to the next school year?
My family is in a crisis situation. Can I get relief from our hours?