Parent Participation

The Parent Participation Program at St. Catherine’s is an important and fundamental aspect of our school. It assists in keeping operational and tuition costs down, and enhances the educational objectives, achievements, and experiences for our students. The Parent Participation Program is task-based, giving parents the opportunity to choose a task group that best fits their skills, interests, talents and time.

Parent Participation is not optional, it is a commitment required of all registered families.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Parent Participation Program. 


Please note that many of the questions relate to our usual program and as such many answers/situations will not be in effect for this COVID 20-21 school year.


How many hours do I need to complete?
What if I cannot commit to all 36 hours?
Who can assist me in completing my hours?
What are the different task groups?
Where do I record my completed hours?
Can I claim extra hours from the fundraisers?
What hours can I claim on a field trip?
How many hours can I claim if I am requested to do a task from the school using my own materials?
What if I am not getting enough hours?
Can I complete hours if it is passed the deadline?
Can I collect hours for work that I do in the summer?
Can I carry my extra hours over to the next school year?
My family is in a crisis situation. Can I get relief from our hours?