Parent Participation

The Parent Participation Program at St. Catherine’s is an important and fundamental aspect of our school. It assists in keeping operational and tuition costs down, and enhances the educational objectives, achievements, and experiences for our students. The Parent Participation Program is task-based, giving parents the opportunity to choose a task group that best fits their skills, interests, talents and time.

Parent Participation is not optional, it is a commitment required of all registered families.

2021-2022 School Year


Adjustments are being made once again to the Parent Particiaption requirements due to the ongoing pandemic limitations.  Please note the following:

  • There will be no requirement for 4 fundraising hours per family this year.
  • The number of required hours per family for this school year is being reduced to 30 hours
  • There is no longer a requirement to have 18 Parent Participation hours completed by January.
  • All 30 hours are to be completed by June 22, 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Parent Participation Program. 


How many hours do I need to complete?
36 hours for the school year plus 4 hours at our Fall or Spring Fundraiser.  The first 18 hours must be completed by Jan 31st and the second 18 hours plus the 4 fundraiser hours must be completed by June 22nd.

Direction is given regarding jobs that need completing by the task group coordinator. It is expected that approximately 80% of hours will be completed within your assigned task group. The other 20% can be fulfilled by tasks such as driving on field trips.

What if I cannot commit to all 36 hours?
There is a hybrid option available whereby families work only 18 hours in a task group over the course of the year and have just one of their cheques cashed. However, not all task groups have this option, so consultation with the Parent Participation Administrator is required. 
Who can assist me in completing my hours?
Family members and friends who are not currently registered in the school may assist parents. Individuals must be 19 years of age or older.
Students 16 years or older who are accompanied by a parent/guardian, may assist with hours with the exception of the Fall Fundraiser evening. Young people under the age of 19 cannot be present during the Fall Fundraiser due to liquor licensing regulations.
What are the different task groups?

Parish Education Committee (PEC)

  • Governing Board of the school.  Members are voted in via St. Joseph’s parishioners.


Parent Fundraising Association (PFA)

  • Help raise funds for St. Catherine’s Elementary School.  All members are required to be actively involved in the planning, organizing, preparation and execution of the two main fundraisers.


Parent Support Group (PSG)

  • A board of 3 parents who apply for government grants.  Members are voted in.


Task Group Coordinator Positions

  • Parents who coordinate individual task groups.


Parking and Playground Supervision

  • Morning supervision and parking lot crosswalk duty from 8:00 am to 8:40 am one morning per week.


Community Builders

  • Assist with Community events as they arise throughout the school year. Typically work consists of event set up, food preparation, and clean up.



  • Coach or referee sports under the instruction of our Athletic Director.



  • Assist the Librarian with restocking books.


School Maintenance

  • Meet for 4 hours typically on the last Saturday of each month to do maintenance in and outside of the school.


Classroom Assistance

  • In class support person for a primary grade once per week.


Book Fair

  • Implement and oversee the annual Book Fair.



  • Cleaning in the school typically during a Saturday Work Bee held on the last Saturday of the month.


Emergency Preparation

  • Prepare the Emergency Bins for each classroom.  Work begins at the end of Aug.


Information Technology

  • PC skills and experience with Windows 10 and Microsoft office 365 including use & troubleshooting



  • Put together the Year Book.  Must have computer and photography skills.


Grounds Keeping/Landscaping

  • Maintaining our school grounds.


Lunchtime Supervision

  • Provide supervision once per week for Kindergarten students while they eat lunch and then supervise students on the intermediate playground.


Please note that not all task groups have openings each year.

If you would like to switch task groups, please contact the Parent Participation Administrator to discuss other available options.

Where do I record my completed hours?
All completed hours must be recorded using the Hours Submission Form. If hours are not recorded, credit cannot be given.
Can I claim extra hours from the fundraisers?
If you exceed 4 hours of work during a fundraiser, the excess hours may be applied towards your 36 parent participation hours. Please record the excess hours under your assigned task group.
What hours can I claim on a field trip?
If you have more than just your child in your vehicle, and you are the driver, you may claim the driving time to and from an event. Supervision time during a field trip, extra-curricular event or bus ride cannot be claimed as parent participation hours.
How many hours can I claim if I am requested to do a task from the school using my own materials?
We have a formula to provide appropriate parent participation hours for special service jobs. Please contact the Parent Participation Administrator to get details. Prior approval is needed before proceeding with any service-based jobs at the school where more than straight hours are requested.
What if I am not getting enough hours?
It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that they are accumulating enough hours. If assistance is needed in this area, the parent must contact their Task Group Coordinator or the Parent Participation Administrator.
Can I complete hours if it is passed the deadline?
In some circumstances after communication with the Parent Participation Administrator, the deadline may be extended to a date after June 22nd.
Can I collect hours for work that I do in the summer?
Yes, hours can be collected starting from July 1st for the upcoming school year.
Can I carry my extra hours over to the next school year?
Excess hours cannot be carried over into a following school year.
My family is in a crisis situation. Can I get relief from our hours?
There is a “Request for Exemption/Reduction” form that you can fill out and hand in to the office addressed to the PEC Chairperson.