Grade Seven

Grade Seven Homework

May 17, 2018


NOVEL STUDY:  A Wrinkle in Time

Read Chapter Eight: complete the work, due Wednesday, May 23.

Literary Terms: #31-35

Quiz on Monday, May 28….at any point in the day…..   🙂


Complete a new story from your NEW booklet.

Due Wednesday May 23. Remember we are working independently on this series, no partner work.



MATH:  Circles

We started on ‘area‘ of a circle. We are working on questions involving the radius of a circle only at this point.

Planning a Vacation” projects are now being presented to the class, so please have something visual prepared.

SOCIALS:  Ancient Rome

Oral presentations are now happening. You need to be in costume and be able to present without reading directly off your report.

Oral Ancient Rome Presentation Schedule

SCIENCE:   Chemistry

We are now studying for the Chapter 5 quiz.

It will be on Friday May 25th.

Chapter Five Study Guide

RELIGION:  Theology of the Body

We began this interesting program today!

Pope Francis: We will look at our beloved Pope Francis on a regular basis this year and learn some neat facts about him. We will also do a reflection on one of his questions as we discuss him.

Social JusticeWe have looked at what Social Justice is and discussed who will be covering which topics throughout the year.

Social Justice Groups

HEALTH:       Sip Smart Program

Lesson Two: Sugar, Sugar

We sorted out a number of drinks into “healthy” and “not healthy” and then debated how each got into its category.

We learned about reading labels and how to figure out how many cubes of sugar are in each drink. The total amount of sugar cubes we should consume a day is…….????

Anxiety Lesson #8: Why Worrying is Worthless

Transitioning to High School: Mrs. Brennan

Every Tuesday we are working with Mrs. Brennan on being prepared for the big move to high school.

This week we went over:


Please have a poster board here by Friday May 18.

FRENCH: Mme. Morrow

 L’Arbre Ungali: is the title of the play the grade sevens are working on.

Plays will be Tuesday May 29th.

Have your costume in a bag, labelled with your name.

Final quiz on the Play is Wednesday May 30th.

French Play for Grade Seven

MUSIC: Mrs. Draayers



Novel: have a novel at school each day for daily Silent Reading.

Baby Pic plus a Current Photo for the Farewell Slideshow:

An email was sent out to all parents regarding what is required for our Farewell Slideshow.

Farewell Pictures Needed



Grade Seven Field Trips:

Fieldtrips for Grade Seven


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