Grade K



Welcome to Mrs. Reilly & Ms. Canil’s Kindergarten class page! We are delighted to be working with you and your child this year! Please see below for the weekly update that will be glued into your child’s agenda every Friday.


Week of March 11th – 16th (We are learning about Letter  ‘Bb’, Number ‘12’, Community Helpers, Measurement and Lent)

-Monday – Walkathon Pep Rally at 2:15pm. All welcome! Term 2 Report Cards sent home. Please sign and return the cover and envelope.

-Thursday – Retro Day! Students can dress up in ‘retro’ clothing. Bring in $1 or $2 for Chalice. 

-Friday – Student Led Conferences. Please make sure you have signed up for this event. All students will be showing their school work to their parents during specific time slots. See the Sunday “Newsflash” for more information.

Have a wonderful Spring Break! See you back on April 1st!

 ***If anyone is interested in speaking to the class about their profession, please note in the agenda. Questions that would be discussed include: How did you become a _________? What tools do you need to do your job? Do you drive a special car? Do you wear special clothes? When and where do you work? 



*Based on individual student readiness

Information about alphabet letter cards sent home in Term 1

Information about number cards sent home in Term 1 

Letter of the Week: Practice printing the letter (upper & lowercase, tripod grip, top to bottom & left to right progression). Draw pictures that start with the letter of the week!

Extensions: Sound out and label your pictures using phonetic (invented) spelling.

Mini Alphabet Play-Dough Mats (Print and have fun using at home!)

Number of the Week: Practice printing the numeral (tripod grip, top to bottom & left to right progression). Draw a picture to represent the quantity!

Extensions: Practice printing the number word, represent the quantity with tally marks, write a number sentence (addition/subtraction resulting in the number of the week), draw the dots on a picture of a domino, fill in the ten frame(s), find the number on a number line, find the number on a number chart, discuss what comes before/after the number of the week, show the number of the week in Canadian coins.

*Activities should never be stressful for your child. If you have questions about your child’s readiness for print practice, please come and see us. We would be happy to recommend some fine motor strengthening activities and to demonstrate proper pencil grip technique and top to bottom/left to right directionality.



Timetable (Updated Sept. 18th)

Long-Term Overview (Updated Sept. 16th)


Gradual Entry Calendar






We are learning to identify winter clothing vocabulary and count to 10 in French!















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