Grade 7

Monday, September 17, 2018

Timberline Clothing and Equipment List

The following is a list of clothing and equipment that each of the students will need to bring with them for our trip to Timberline Ranch in September. Please do not go to any needless expense for clothing and equipment. If you look over the list of required gear and find that you do not have some of the items then borrow where it is possible or make appropriate substitutions.

The two key things to keep in mind concerning clothing will be that your child has:

  • Sufficient clothing that will allow them to stay dry in wet weather.
  • Proper footwear for all of the activities.


Required Items for Timberline:

1) Clothing                                                               2) Bathroom Items                           

-warm jacket, windbreaker                              -towels (2)

-sweaters                                                             -wash cloth

-shirts and / or T-shirts                                   -soap

-socks-6 pairs                                                     -hairbrush

-hat (rain and/or sun)                                      -toothpaste and toothbrush

-underwear (4-5 pairs)                                     -shampoo and conditioner

-pants(2-3pairs)                                                -insect repellent

-pajamas                                                              -sunscreen




3)   Sleeping Gear                                                    4) Equipment

-pillow                                                                        -flashlight (optional)

-sleeping bag                                                   -water bottle (very important)

-novel or drawing pad or something

for down time to do quietly


5)   Footwear                                                              6) Horse Back Riding

-runners plus an extra pair of                          -must have runners

casual shoes or extra pair of                           -must have long pants (jeans)


-hiking boots (if available) or

rubber boots

Please DO NOT bring the following items:

Cellular Phones – I will have my cell phone on me at all times. As well, Timberline Ranch has pay phones that the students will be allowed to use if they need to get in touch with their parents. No students will be allowed to take pictures with their phone. Only adults will take the photos and they will be shared at a later date.

  1. Jewelry
  2. Any electronic equipment
  3. Candy and junk food

The one obvious question that comes to mind is that most children now have their camera through their iPod or cell phone. If that is your child’s only camera, then they are allowed to bring that along. Please let your children know, however, that they are not to text nor play electronic games while at camp

Identification of Items

It is most important that you do not lose clothing or other possessions. All personal items and equipment should, therefore, have your name and preferably the school’s name as well, clearly marked on each item. It would also be beneficial to make a list of items taken so that it is possible to recheck the equipment once your child has returned home.



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