Grade 6

Grade 6 Homework

Friday February 21, 2020

Hello Parents – Please start looking for a good size box for your child’s diorama, asap. Starting this Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Box Size : 50 wide, 26 high, 24 deep – approximately


Afternoon Parents – Speech Arts criteria sheet went home. Chat with your child about what they intend to do please, thanks. Students have to let their teacher know what they have chosen by February 27. Thx


Current Events  –  Current Events 1,2,3,4 – Monday

Mathletics tonight – 30 minutes –

Please ensure your child is using this daily $$**

Language Arts


Read 30 minutes






Social Studies

Francais: with Mme. Sills

There will be weekly number quizzes from now on. They will be on the numbers from 1-69. Be prepared!