Grade 6



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Current Event Criteria


Current Events                Name : ___________

Each student will do current events once a week depending on the group they are involved in at the time.

Monday-        Groups  – 1, 2

Tuesday-        Groups  – 3, 4

Wednesday-  Groups  – 5, 6

  • Current Events should be about 1 minute.
  • Current Event should tell you the who, what, where, when and why.

The Four Specific Categories are  :

  • Lower Mainland : anywhere in the lower mainland
  • BC. – anywhere in B.C. but the lower mainland
  • Canada – anywhere in Canada but B.C.
  • World — anywhere in the world but Canada

The student does not read their current event but must have an article in front of them and may refer to the article while they are presenting to their classmates.

They should be practicing for at least 15 minutes to be properly prepared for this exercise. September 21, 2020



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