Grade 6



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Current Event Criteria


Current Events                Name : ___________

Each student will do current events once a week depending on the group they are involved in at the time.

Monday-        Groups  – 1, 2

Tuesday-        Groups  – 3, 4

Wednesday-  Groups  – 5, 6

  • Current Events should be about 1 minute.
  • Current Event should tell you the who, what, where, when and why.

The Four Specific Categories are  :

  • Lower Mainland : anywhere in the lower mainland
  • BC. – anywhere in B.C. but the lower mainland
  • Canada – anywhere in Canada but B.C.
  • World — anywhere in the world but Canada

The student does not read their current event but must have an article in front of them and may refer to the article while they are presenting to their classmates.

They should be practicing for at least 15 minutes to be properly prepared for this exercise. September 21, 2020

All Students

Wednesday January 20

Read 20 minutes – Everyday

Current Events – Monday  – 1,2

Spelling Test  – January 29

Mathletics – 30 minutes a night!

Superhero Draft Completed by – Thursday January 21

Socials Quiz on Media – Friday Jan. 22

Math 7.1 Fractions due – Thursday Jan. 21

Media                         persuade                    omission

perspective                fact                              sarcasm

bias                            opinion                       exaggeration

stereotype                 ethical                         symbolism

deconstruction         judgement                  irony

Spelling Paragraph example

Spelling Template and Criteria

Spelling Paragraph Draft Sheet

Christmas Project Criteria

Spelling Definitions for Unit 3




Grade 6 – Option 4 – Section


Zoom daily at 8:45 am.


Socials Questions

Socials Definitions

World Map Quiz

Government Test – Chapter 1


Confederation #2

Government and Confederation Test Review for Wednesday

Confederation and Government Test October 28


People on the Move Nov. 5

Urbanization – Cities – On the Move – Study Guide

Urbanization Practice Sheet

Urbanization Cities Quiz – Nov. 17

Cities Brochure Criteria

Critical Thinking 1

Christmas Project – Dec. 16

Poverty Worksheet Dec. 9

Poverty Review Dec. 14

Poverty Practice Sheet Dec. 16

Poverty Quiz Dec. 17

Media Socials – Jan. 6

Media Test Review – Jan.21

Media Quiz – Jan. 22

Numeration chapter 2 Answers

Place Value chart millions

Numeration Test – October 2

Adding multiple numbers

Place Value Chart to Billions

Add, Sub, Mult, Div – Package

Multiplication and Division Partners

strategies for add, sub, divi, and mult.

Math Strategies Answer sheet

Math Quiz October 9

Math Focus Chapter 2 Review

Decimal Place Value Chart

Math Focus 6 Review Answers

Math Quiz October 16

Place Value Review Oct. 21

Math Place Value

e Answers Oct. 21

October 22 Pre- Final Numeration Quiz

Mathematics Numeration chapter 2 final test

Math Chapter 2 Self Evaluation

Math Chapter 3 Package October 26


Arrays and Factors

Factors Test October 30

2 digit x 2 digit multiplication

Multiples Sheet Nov. 2

Multiples Answer Sheet Nov. 2

Multiples and Factors Worksheet Nov. 3

Multiples and Factors Answer sheet Nov. 3

Multiples and Factors Nov. 4

Multiples and Factors Answers

Multiplication Practice Sheet

Multiples and Factors Quiz Nov. 6

Multiplication Nov. 9

Multiplication Nov. 10

BEDMAS Nov. 10

BEDMAS Nov. 12

Integers Nov. 12

Mathematics Quiz Nov. 13

Exploring Integers Nov. 16

BEDMAS – Order of Operations Nov. 16

Factors and Multiples Review Package Nov. 19

Multiples and Factors Package Answers Nov. 19

Chapter 3 Multiples and Factors Test Nov. 23

Problem Solving 1 Nov. 26

Problem Solving 2 Nov. 26

Problem Solving Quiz Nov. 27

Understanding Ratios Nov. 30

Understanding Ratios Answers Nov. 30

Exploring Ratios Introduction Nov. 30

Exploring the Use of Percent Dec. 3

Ratios Dec. 8

Ratio Quiz Dec. 11

Ratio Pretest – Dec. 15

Ratio Quiz Dec. 16

Math review Jan. 2021

Fractions Jan . 5

Math Correction sheet for Jan . 4

Fractions Package Answers for Jan. 5

Modelling Fractions Package 7.1 – Jan. 6

Percentage Mathematics Package – Jan. 7

Math Friday Quiz – Jan. 8

Math Package Jan. 11

Mixed Numbers Jan. 14

Fractions Quiz Jan 15

Improper Fractions and Mixed numbers Jan. 18

Improper Fractions. – Jan 19


7.1 Fractions Math Package Answers – Jan. 18

Fractions, decimals & Percent – Jan. 20

Fractions, Percent, Decimals Answers – Jan. 20

Fractions and mixed Numbers – Jan. 21


Fractions Quiz – Jan. 22


Bridge to Terabithia Questions

Novel Study Definitions Sheet – October 2

Novel Study – Plot, moral and climax – October 2

Bridge to Terabithia Off the line

Read up to Chapter 5 “Number the Stars”

Number the Stars ch. 3 and 4 questions

Number the Stars chpt. 5 and 6 Questions

Number the Stars Chapter 7 and 8

Number the Stars chapter 9 and 10 Questions

Number the Stars Chapter 11 and 12 Questions

Number the Stars chapter 13 and 14 Questions

Number the Stars Chapter 15 and 16 Questions

Number the Stars Theme Climax Sheet

Number the Stars Cheat Sheet

Number the Stars Final Quiz

Tuck Everlasting Quiz #1

Tuck Everlasting Quiz – Jan. 15

Spelling Paragraph for unit 1 – Past due

Friendship Paragraphs ( 3 paragraphs ) – Good copy typed – past due

Power Point Project due Oct 28th

Courage Draft Booklet

Powerpoint Criteria

Raven and the Pink Salmon

Spelling Unit 5

Get Green Article


Rad ResponsBooklet

Predicting Sheet

Descriptive Writing Dec. 9

Descriptive Writing 10 DEC

Building English Skills Dec. 14


Superhero Draft


Work on your Religion Booklet chapters 1 and 2

Write 4 to 7 sentences to be a part of your artwork for “Walk with Jesus Our Living Hope” See examples HERE.

Liturgy of the Word

Religion Theme Foot Template

Liturgy of the word practice review

Gospel Reflection Sheet

Liturgy of the Word practice quiz

Liturgy of the Word Quiz – October 20

Rosary Information

Rosary Test for Thursday October 29

Saint’s Project

Gospel Reflection Oct. 30

Gospel Reflection Nov. 6

Saint’s Project Draft Copy Nov. 6

Gospel Reflection Nov. 13

Saint Project Evaluation

Advent Draft

Gospel Reflection Dec. 11

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Liturgy of the Eucharist Quiz Jan. 15

Gospel Reflection Jan. 15

Letter to Jesus


Hand in your “Line Art” project

Hand in your “Torn Art” project

“Split Art” Jan 10/21.  Click here for a page with 3 samples


Excretory System #1

Excretory System #2

Excretory Diagram

Excretory System Test diagram

Nervous System Information

Nervous System Project

Nervous System Questions Nov. 5

Nervous System Answer Sheets Nov. 6

Nervous System Self Evaluation Sheet

Nervous System Test Nov. 19

Newton’s Laws – Jan. 7