Grade 6



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Current Event Criteria


Current Events                Name : ___________

Each student will do current events once a week depending on the group they are involved in at the time.

Monday-        Groups  – 1, 2

Tuesday-        Groups  – 3, 4

Wednesday-  Groups  – 5, 6

  • Current Events should be about 1 minute.
  • Current Event should tell you the who, what, where, when and why.

The Four Specific Categories are  :

  • Lower Mainland : anywhere in the lower mainland
  • BC. – anywhere in B.C. but the lower mainland
  • Canada – anywhere in Canada but B.C.
  • World — anywhere in the world but Canada

The student does not read their current event but must have an article in front of them and may refer to the article while they are presenting to their classmates.

They should be practicing for at least 15 minutes to be properly prepared for this exercise. September 21, 2020

All Students


Second Step Package


Read 20 minutes – Everyday

Current Events 

Mathletics – 30 minutes a night!


Spelling Words:


Spelling Unit 14


Spelling Test Friday, May 7th

Paragraph due Friday, May 7th


Spelling Words and Vocabulary- April 6th

Spelling Paragraph example

Spelling Template and Criteria

Spelling Paragraph Draft Sheet



Grade 6 – Option 4 – Section


Zoom daily at 8:45 am.


Aboriginal Project

Fact Sheet

Time Zone #7

Time Zone Answer Sheet #1

Time Zone Map

Time Zone #1

Time Zone # 2


Math Quiz- March 5th

Perimeter, Area, Volume Review- March 8th

Angles Review

Measurement Test- March 11th

Math Preview – Multiplying Decimals

Chapter 9 Workbook- March 30th

Multiplying Decimals Practice- March 30th

Math Starter- March 31

Math Chapter 9 Package- March 31

Math Package Chapter 9 answer key -March 31

Math Review- April 1st

Math Review Multiplication – April 8th

Math test- April 9th

Division- April 12th

Multiplication Decimals- April 12th

Multiplying Decimals- April 13th

Math Pre-Quiz- April 15th

Math Test- April 16th

Chapter 4 Data- April 19th

Chapter 4 – April 22nd

Math Chapter 4 Package

Math Chapter 4 Answers

Math Quiz- April 30th

Multiply & Check with Division

Mathematics Practice

Data and Graphing Pkg.

Data & Graphing Answer Sheet



Hatchet- Chapter 1

Hatchet- Chapter 2

Hatchet- Chapter 1 & 2 Quiz

Hatchet- Chapter 3-4

Hatchet- Chapter 5

Hatchet- Chapter 6

Hatchet Questions Chapters 5 & 6

Hatchet- Chapter 7

Novel Study Sheet

Hatchet- Chapter 8

Hatchet Questions Chapter 8

Hatchet- Chapter 9 & 10

Hatchet Quiz- Chapters 9 & 10

Hatchet- Chapter 11 & 12

Hatchet Test- Chapters 11 & 12

Hatchet- Chapters 13 & 14

Hatchet Questions – Chapter 13 & 14

Hatchet- Chapter 15

Hatchet Readings- Chapter 15 & 16

Hatchet Questions- Chapter 15 & 16

Hatchet Quiz- Chapters 15 & 16

Hatchet Readings- Chapters 17 & 18

Hatchet Readings- Chapter 19

Hatchet-Theme, Moral, Climax


Building English Skills -Feb 22

Building English Skills Test- Feb 25

Speech Arts

Creating Poems

Bible readings

Be ready to present your Speech Arts on April 14th – 15th

Newspaper Criteria- April 20th

Lenten Preparation – Feb. 10

Prayer Quiz- Feb 25th

Gospel Reflection- Feb 26

Gospel Reflection- March 5th

Making Good Choices- March 8th

Lenten Activity- April 1st

Gospel Reflection- April 9th

Gospel Reflection- April 16th

Ten Commandments Quiz- April 22nd

Gospel Reflection- April 30th


Diorama due : Monday Feb. 22

Diorama Evaluation

Extreme Environment Project