Grade 5

Welcome to Grade 5! Our school-wide theme for 2019-2020

I Can Do All Things Through Christ


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February 18th, 2020

  1. Gold Rush Newspaper due Feb 20th
  2.  Saint project due February 24th 
  3. Good copy smoking essay due Friday
  4.  Matilda chapter 17 and 18 due Monday
  5.  Math page 265-266 #1&2 workbook page 67 due tomorrow
  6.  Religion writing due Thursday



Chapter 10 Science Study Guide


Non- Renewable resource

what is an extracted resource?

air pollution

air shed


Questions to focus on

  1. List at least 2 non renewable resources found in B.C
  2. How many people is needed to open a mine, and name these people?
  3.  What do fossil fuels provide?
  4.  What is the process of Reclamation?
  5.  What are the steps in processing copper?
  6.  Two reasons that humans must find a resource to replace fossil fuels.

Other things to know:

  1. What an open pit mine looks like (be able to sketch)
  2.  What an underground mine looks like (be able to sketch)
  3.  Where is the ore deposits found in both an underground mine and open pit mine









Francais avec Mme. Sills

Be prepared for weekly quizzes on the numbers 1-59.