Grade 5



Welcome to Grade 5! Our school-wide theme for 2018-2019…

What Do You Want Of Me, Lord?

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Friday, September 21th, 2018

This morning we started off with Mass, and this was the first Mass with the kindergarteners! The grade 5’s did an excellent job with them, I was very proud! After, we had a bit of time for silent reading. After recess, Mrs. Brennan came in for our second step program, which we reviewed playground rules and their importance. After we started off our split art block, in which we were doing fall art. After lunch, we finished off our art block, and then Mr. Brophy came for Math. In math the grade 5’s practiced making change for our general store. To finish off the day we had science where we spoke about what a machine did and what their purpose was. Remember, Monday is a pro-d day so enjoy your long weekend!


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