Grade 4


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Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2018



  • Prayer Corner: Share a personal item with the classroom prayer corner.
  • Practice almsgiving, prayer, and fasting over Lent
  • Complete good copy of summary:  “Learning About the Liturgical Seasons and Days” due March 5th
  • Prayer Pamphlet: The Sorrowful Mysteries due Monday, March 26th




  • Multiplication Grid Set 22 & 23
  • FSA Set G # 6 & 7 due Friday, March 2
  • Optional: Brain Booster Test  4 # 18 – 26 due Monday, March 5th
  • Mad Minute B – 42 & B – 43


  • students can visit the link below and use their password to complete online Math lessons




  • good copy on the Savannah’s climate due Wednesday, March 7th
  • complete activities on Energy: title page on Energy, title page on Forms of Energy, notes on “What is Energy”, a paragraph written based upon notes, and a list of forms of energy – due Wednesday, February 21.




Aquatic Biomes

Terrestrial Biomes

Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes[/su_spoiler]

Computer Science:

Below is a link t0 “Scratch” an online coding site. Students can access this site by using their Username and Password.


L.A. Reading:

  • FSA “Kamal’s Journal” due Monday, March 5th
  • complete “Wendigo” – define 10 unfamiliar words using a dictionary
  • complete contextual clues: “The Three Boys and the Giants”




  • complete Week 16 due Thursday, March 8




Mass Preparation:





  • Canadian Handwriting Book D pg.  38 & 39vdue  Wednesday, March 7





L.A. Writing:

  • FSA “Forest Adventure” due Monday, February 26th
  • Quick Write: Clerihew (4x)




  • study # 1 – 69 and “Les Sentiments” – quiz every Wednesday




















All Grade Four students are reminded to return their recent music test, corrected and signed by their parent/guardian, on Monday, February 26.



Speaking Skills:

  • Select categories for the Speech Arts Festival due Monday, January 15th
  • Important Speech Arts Dates: The students must be prepared to present their three categories chosen for the speech arts competition in the classroom on Monday, March 26th. The top three students in each category from Grade Four will compete among the intermediate grades on Wednesday, April 4th. Winners from this intermediate competition will represent St. Catherine’s at a regional speech arts competition to be held at St. John Brebeuf on Wednesday, April 11.
  • Student categories are bible reading, poetry, storytelling, speech, and character recitation. Please help prepare your child for this competition.




Extended Learning Opportunities:

  • research any of the following topics: create a newspaper, space travel and problems faced by astronauts, dog breeds, monarch butterfly, conveyors and robotics used in factories, confetti, banana oil, wedding traditions, dentistry (false teeth), trains, animal adaptations (furry coats)…






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