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Date: Friday, March 27, 2020

Keep safe everyone! I will be contacting everyone shortly! Thanks Andrew and Adam for the wonderful message…

You are the Reason – Stop Spreading Covid – 19


Greetings from Mr. Robins




  • Good copy of paragraph on “Learning About Liturgical Seasons and Days.” Due Monday, March 30th.

Here is a link for students and families to use as a Daily Reflection :

Daily Reflections



  • Mad Minute B – 13 & B – 14, due Tuesday, March 10
  • students can visit the link below and use their password to access Mathletics. Most students have now received a Mathletics password. The recommended time for homework on a daily basis is one hour. If students have finished homework, that is work due for the next school day, it is recommended to pursue the lessons in Mathletics.
  • Students should practice 5 – 10 minutes per day, basic subtraction facts. Students have been given flash cards to assist in this.





  • good copy of paragraph on the Savannah’s Location and Description due Monday, March 30th.
  • “Energy and Forms of Energy”. Complete title page, finish notes on What is Energy? (# 1) and list forms of energy. (# 3) Due Monday, March 30th. Use the links on energy below to help complete questions 1 & 3.



Desert Biome

Aquatic Biomes

Terrestrial Biomes

Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes[/su_spoiler]

Computer Science:

Below is a link to “Scratch” an online coding site. Students can access this site by using their Username and Password.



L.A. Reading:





  • Study and learn words: because, before, birthday, cupboard, football, handkerchief, hospital, principal, remember, and thanksgiving.
  • Complete “Quick Spelling 4”. Learn to correctly spell words using the strategy, “word – in – a – word” memory trick. Students need to study and learn the following words: there, piece, address, secretary, hear, dilemma, environment, achieve, familiar, and preferred.

Mass Preparation:


  • Complete pg. 38 & 39 of Canadian Handwriting Book D. Due Wednesday, March 12.


L.A. Writing:



 FRANCAIS     avec Mme Sills


  • Continue to practice your numbers #1-59. There will be weekly quizzes, so be prepared.








Oral Language:


  • Upcoming Speech Arts Competition – Friday, April 25th in-class competition. Tuesday, April 28th Intermediate competition and Class Poetry (school gymnasium) and Thursday, May 7th St. John Brebeuf Regional Speech Arts Competition. Students should have chosen three out of the five categories – poetry recitation, character recitation, storytelling, speech and bible reading. The class will be presenting, “Bells”, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe as a class choric dramatization. Students are asked to secure a bell for use during the poem’s recitation. The bells need to be of a variety: tinkle (merry), joyous (wedding bells), clamorous, and disturbing/scary.
  • Students will present their choices for speech arts in – class on Friday, April 25th. Three students will be chosen from Grade Four in each category to represent the class in the Intermediate Competition on April 28th. The Intermediate Competition will involve grades 4 – 7. Three intermediate students from each category will be chosen to represent St. Catherine’s at the St. John Brebeuf Regional Speech Arts Competition.
  • Memorize the poem, “Bells” by Edgar Allan Poe.





Extended Learning Opportunities: 

Word Mint

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