Grade 2


Grade Two

September 17 – 21, 2018



Home Reading:

I encourage you to read with your child at least five nights a week. I sent home a Home Reading Program at “Meet the Teacher Night” in the yellow duotang.

It will go home on Mondays and be returned the following Monday.

For September we will be doing the READO activity. Your child may either colour in the square they did, or put a sticker on it. Anything to show that it’s been completed will do!


Why I Can’t Skip My Twenty Minutes of Reading

Reading Tips for Parents


Please have your child reading at least 10 minutes a day on Raz-Kids. The link is below.

In the front of your yellow HOME READING duotang (as well as in the front of your child’s agenda) is all the information you need to log on.







We are working on our weekly Spelling units. The children follow the same procedure as Spelling did in Grade One. Below I have attached the  Master Homework Sheet (in case your child forgets their Orange Spelling Duotang) and also this week’s words.

The orange duotang goes home on a Monday and is returned on the Friday.

Friday will be our quizzes.

Master Homework Outline



We are continuing to work on a unit on FORCE and MOTION in Science class. This week we went into the gym with cut up pool noodles and marbles to test how much energy our marbles gained as we raised the height of our pool noodles!


We will be having a Library class every Wednesday.

This Wednesday will be our first Library class. You may either have your child take their books home for the week, or choose to leave them at school in their desks. We have Silent Reading every day and they can look through their books then if you choose. Up to you!

Please help your child to remember to bring back their two borrowed books each TUESDAY so that they may take out two new books on WEDNESDAYS.

 PE Class:

We will be having PE class every  Monday, Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child has their full gym strip, including indoor, non-marking sole shoes.

If your child is comfortable with it, please have them wear their gym strip UNDER their uniform. It makes the changing process go much smoother.


Mrs. Draayers will be teaching the children Music class every  Monday and Wednesday.


Ms. Sheppard will be teaching the children French every Thursday and Friday.

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