Grade 2

WEEK  of May 23rd – May 25th

Field trip to Castle Fun Park on Thursday, May 24th, leaving between 11:00 and 11:15 after eating our early lunch and returning before the end of the school day. No money is required for this field trip as it was our prize for our good work on getting walkathon donations. As we did not have enough parents committed to driving by Friday,  it was decided we will go on the school bus. We still require a few supervisors.



  • new home reading program for this term – read and complete 4 times per week
  • practise subtraction facts up to 20


Christian Education

During the month of May, we will be learning about the rosary and praying a decade of the rosary each day at prayer time.

This week we will begin our “I am a Gift from God” program. You will see the children’s books come home several times for home portions of this program.


Language Arts 


Reading, oral language and writing are so important as our students learn how to express their ideas and opinions. Fluency (reading at talk speed) is a focus for Grade Two. We are also improving our comprehension skills by re-telling the main events in stories we have heard. Children are continuing to gain fluency and comprehension skills through the Raz-kids program. It is expected that children can read comfortably Level M books by the end of the Grade Two year.


No Spelling list this week as it is a short week








Grade Two students are working on addition and subtraction facts to 20. We have begun work in double-digit addition and regrouping. We are also learning about Canadian coins and how to count and make combinations with coins (up tp $1.00).




RAZ KIDS:    Please have your child reading at least 20 minutes a day on Raz-Kids.






MUSIC           Choir on Wednesdays and Mondays during lunch time.

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