Grade 2

WEEK  of December 11th – December 15th


  • read every night – at least 10-15 minutes – don’t forget your December booklet
  • practise addition facts up to 9+9


Christian Education


Our focus now in December is Advent and the new liturgical year as we prepare for Christmas. The children are busy practising for their song “Moonrise in Bethlehem” in the Christmas musical “The Mystery of Simon Shepherd”. We are doing a song with special effects using black lights, so the children need to be dressed entirely in black – black pants and black long-sleeved shirts or sweaters (inside out if they have any logos or pictures on them).


Language Arts 


Reading, oral language and writing are so important as our students learn how to express their ideas and opinions. Fluency (reading at talk speed) is a focus for Grade Two. We are also improving our comprehension skills by re-telling the main events in stories we have heard and read, focussing on the beginning, middle and end. Please encourage your child to talk about their reading.

Spelling list for Friday, December 15th:


less, tell, well, will, still, off, letter, little, silly, happy


Click to practise sight words with your child.




Grade Two students are working on addition and subtraction facts to 20. A practice sheet went home for homework study. Please continue to work on one set of ‘facts’ with your child each night. We have been learning about Canadian money, using small amounts of nickels, dimes and quarters to practise counting by 5’s, 10’s and 25’s.  We are learning place value (tens and ones) and estimating to 50 (checking by grouping things into 10’s to count quickly).


RAZ KIDS:    Please have your child reading at least 20 minutes a day on Raz-Kids.






MUSIC           Choir on Wednesdays and Mondays during lunch time.

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