Grade 1

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Tomorrow is Student Led Conferences.


This next batch of Mad Minute is harder than the last batch because they are adding numbers to 20 rather than 10 so it is taking them longer.  Today’s target was to score 5 or more.



Homework:  enjoy time with your family



Parents, the students will need their gym strips on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also, please remember to bring any library books if you have some at home; otherwise, library books need to be brought back on Tuesdays.



Christian Education (Religion)

This year, we will make time  throughout the day to be still and be with God.  This first term we will be deliberate in making the sign of the cross and praying Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be.  We will also join the rest of the students  in participating in school Masses,  praying the Angelus and the grace before meal.  Additionally, we will listen to bible stories and learn about the rosary.


Language Arts

It is always a good idea to read, write and share stories.  This term we will be learning to read words with short vowel sounds, spell phonetic words and some high frequency words.  We will also be working on writing our letters properly and with greater mastery.  Additionally, we will be working on writing sentences that begin and end correctly. There will also be a reading page to practice as well as spelling for homework.  Spelling Homework Sheets 3

List 14

List 15

List 16

List 17

List 18

List 19

List 20








This term, we will be working on knowing our numbers to 100 and adding and subtracting to 20.  We are using the strategies of counting up and using a number line.




This term, we are learning about matter, its properties and usefulness.  We will also discuss living things and how its behaviours adapt to survive in their environment..



This term, we will learn about our community and know our roles, rights and responsibilities within our school community and God’s greater community.  We will discuss where we belong within our communities – our family, our classroom, our school, our teams.  We will also listen to Aboriginal stories, look at art work and compare them to other stories and art works.  Finally, we will also be learning about natural and human made features in our environment.




Please have gym strip (shorts and shirt) in school by September 19, 2018.  Our P.E. days are on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays so the students need to make sure they have their gym strip either in a bag so they can change into it or underneath their uniform.




Teacher: Ms. Sheppard







Teacher: Mrs. Draayers





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