Grade 1

Miss Scully - Grade 1 - Enfield Street Elementary School


Theme for the year: “WALK WITH JESUS, OUR LIVING HOPE”

Reminders for the Week of May 3rd-7th: (We are starting the “I Am a Gift from God” program and preparing for our class Mass on Friday)

  • Please send your child to school on Monday looking “photo ready” with his/her red sweater, as they will be filmed during Music class singing a special Mother’s Day song. Shhh… it’s a surprise J.
  • New spelling words go home Monday. Quiz Friday.
  • Homework for Mr. Jones due Monday. Please refer to the email that was sent last week. Students were asked to research the answer to a nature question they thought of during our time outside. A few sentences written down would be great so they can share with the class.
  • “I Am a Gift from God” program starts Monday. Please ensure you have signed the information letter and returned it. You will receive a parent package on Monday containing a program schedule and weekly homework to do with your child. You may keep the package. Only the student workbook must be returned the day after it is sent home.
  • 2pm early dismissal Wednesday.
  • This Friday’s Crowning of Mary/Mass will be led by our class. Please join us via livestream. All Grade 1 students are to please arrive by 8:30am.



Our primary goal is for students to learn how to live as chosen children of God. Students will understand that God loves them, that they are made in His image, and that God wants to build a relationship with each of them. 

By focusing on the Sacrament of Baptism, students will understand how they came to belong to God’s family. They will develop a deeper understanding of the signs, symbols and significance of the sacrament and its role in their discipleship. They will learn that God has a plan for each of them, and about the unconditional love they receive through God’s grace. 

Through spending time in prayer and participating in liturgical celebrations including Mass, students will learn to deepen their relationship with God and community. They will continue to build their knowledge and understanding of the Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be prayers. 

During the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent, students will learn about the significance of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. By identifying the name, colour and significance of each preparatory season as it relates to their own lives, students will further their understanding of Christmas and Easter. 

Students will come to know Jesus as a teacher, role model and friend. Through stories about Jesus’ life, students will learn how Jesus loved others, and how they can follow his example and live as disciples. Recognizing Mary as mother of God and role-model of the Church, students will learn the value of being a participating member of the Christian community. 

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