What defines a Category 1 student?
A Category 1 student is a child of an active family at one of our two supporting Parishes, St. Joseph’s Parish, Langley or St. Nicholas Parish, Langley.
What defines a Category 2 student?
A Category 2 student is a child of an active family at a Catholic Parish outside of the supporting Parishes of St. Catherine’s.
What defines a Category 3 student?
A Category 3 student is a student who is not a member of any Catholic Parish or is Non-Catholic.
Do you offer extra-curricular activities?
Yes, St. Catherine’s believes in educating the whole individual. We offer a range of clubs and activities that appeal to a wide range of talents, interests and skill sets.
Do you offer Before and After School Care?
Before and After School Care is provided through St. Joseph’s Church Preschool, which is located on the same grounds as the school.
Do you offer scholarships for families who want to educate their children at St. Catherine’s?
No, we do not offer scholarships to attend our school. However, it is our belief that Catholic education should be affordable and accessible to all families. If your family requires financial assistance, please make an appointment with your Pastor. Cases are considered on an individual basis and respectfully kept confidential.
Do Catholic schools enroll students with disabilities and special needs?
Yes. As a school that promotes “Reverence for Life”, the school accepts students with disabilities and special needs, and builds an individual educational program that meets their needs and gives them every opportunity to be successful.
How is faith formation developed in the Catholic school?
By embedding the knowledge of our faith within the instruction of the entire curriculum, students understand and deepen their knowledge of the Church and its teachings. Additionally, through Mass, service projects, religion classes, and celebrating the liturgical year, faith formation occurs.
If we are not Catholic, will my child have to study religion or participate in religious services?
Yes. All students are expected to respectfully participate in religion classes and services. Your child will study but not receive the Sacraments of the Catholic Faith such as Confession (Reconciliation) or Communion.
Why is it a requirement to complete Parent Participation hours at the school?
In order to keep tuition costs affordable, as many of the in-house and maintenance tasks as possible are taken care of by our school parents. This also provides a tangible sense of school community. Each family is required to:

1. Complete 36 hours in a school year in an assigned task group that often reflects your skills and talents.

2. Complete an additional 4 hours at either of our 2 major fundraisers.

Families also have the option of having their parent participation cheques cashed if they would prefer not to do work hours. The 36 hours of parent participation equate to two cheques valued at $400.00 each and one more cheque to cover the fundraiser commitment also valued at $400.00.

Besides tuition, are there other costs that parents are responsible for throughout the year?
Yes, besides tuition, families are responsible for the following costs (**These costs are for reference only and are subject to change without notice**)

        • Registration Fee: $40 per child ($80 late registration fee)
        • Activity Fee for school supplies, IT, gym equipment, Music and French classes ($60 – primary students, $80 intermediate students)
        • School Uniforms: Must be purchased through our uniform supplier, Cambridge Uniforms. There is a free, used uniform donation cupboard at the school for families to take what they need for their children.
        • Field trips: Field trip expenses are covered by your tuition.
        • Sacramental Programs: Students receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Communion (usually Grade 2) are charged $30. Students receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation (usually Grade 7) are charged $30.
        • Grade 7 Outdoor Education: $150
        • Grade 7 Graduation Sweater: (Optional) $35-$42
        • Yearbook: (Optional) price depends on publisher’s quote.
        • Hot Lunch: (Optional) Families can choose to order hot lunches through the school. Hot Lunch is available every Wednesday through The Munch a Lunch website. Parents can order weekly, or occasionally, or a month at a time.