Co-Curricular Activities

Educating the whole person.

St. Catherine’s School is proud to offer the following co-curricular

activities to its students.

Cross Country

There’s nothing like running outdoors on a beautiful autumn day. Increase your endurance and run with us!

September – October (Open to Grades 2-7)



Come and be a part of the world’s most popular sport!

October – November (Open to Boys Grades 4-7) March – April (Open to Girls Grades 4-7)



Bump, set, spike! Be a part of this fast paced and exciting sport.

September – November (Open to Girls Grades 5-7)



Dribble – Pass – Shoot – Block – Rebound – Go! This quick-paced game is full of intense fun!

December – February (Open to Grades 5-7)


Track and Field

Whether you’re quick, strong, agile or have endurance, there is something for everyone on the Track and Field Team!

March – June (Open to Grades 3-7)


iStock_000001337816_SmallScorekeepers Club

Want to get involved in sports but not get so sweaty? Help us keep score during the volleyball and basketball seasons.

September – February (Open to Grades 6-7)


Suns Spirit Team                                                                                                                          

Want to have a say in what goes on at the school? Come and plan some fun activities to keep school spirit alive and thriving!

September – June (Open to Grade 7)


Arts and Craft Club                                                                                          Come and be creative with us. New and exciting projects each week.

September – June (Open to Grades 4-7)



Have fun, learn to play an instrument and make some beautiful music with us. No experience necessary!

September – June (Open to Grades 5-7)


Hand Chimes

Become a member of our Hand Chime Choir.  Beautiful music is created by working as a team while learning to read music.

September – June (Open to Grades 5-7)



Make beautiful melodies and add richness to our Mass celebrations.

September – June (Open to Grades 2-7)


Christmas Concert

Bring the magic of Christmas to life and audition to be a cast member of one of our famous Christmas plays.

November – December (Open to Grades 5-7)


Public Speaking

Become confident and gain valuable life skills learning how to effectively, powerfully and influentially talk to small and large groups.

September – June (Open to Grades 4-7)


Math ClubMath Club

Enrich your number sense, problem solving strategies and learn a few new tricks.

September – June (Open to all students Grades 2-4)


iStock_000030133986_SmallReaders are Leaders

Calling all book lovers! Read a selection of fabulous new novels and create a team that answers trivia questions about those books while competing against other schools and the clock!

December – May (Grades 5-7)



Help keep your fellow schoolmates safe and the traffic flowing during after school pickup.

September – June (Open to Grades 4-7)


Garden Club

Do you love to grow things? Join our Garden Club to experience gardening from seed to plant.

April – Oct



Altar Servers

Be a part of our liturgical celebrations. We are looking for responsible and reverent students to altar serve during Mass and Benediction.

September – June (Open to Grades 5-7)